Speecharoo Apps was founded by two speech - language pathologists, Brooke Stulz and Syndy Margot.  Aside from being friends, they were co-workers at a children's hospital in San Diego where they shared a passion for helping children develop their language abilities.  They created Speecharoo Apps to provide parents, caregivers and other speech therapists with fun and affordable apps that educate children by capturing their imagination.

Brooke Stulz (Co-Chiefaroo)

My career began in the US Virgin Islands where I spent 3 years on St. Thomas working with culturally-diverse preschoolers. I then moved to San Diego and worked at a children's hospital outpatient clinic for the next 7 years. In 2012, I moved to New York City to begin a life with my fiancé (now husband) and for the past 3 years have worked at a pre-school in Brooklyn for kids with special needs. 

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with kids in such different settings. These unique experiences have taught me firsthand about the power of effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and how unbelievably rewarding it is to help children convey their thoughts and feelings. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; when I see kids smile in my sessions, it's priceless.

Syndy Margot (Co-Chiefaroo)

Laughing, learning, exploring – these pretty much sum up my passions in life.  From one day deciding to learn how to play the ukulele to the next day creating games for long road trips, I believe that life provides limitless opportunities for growing and smiling; these are the elements I constantly embed within my practice as a speech-language pathologist. 

Since 2004, I have treated pediatric clients in a number of different settings.  Whether I was working with Spanish-speaking families at a children's hospital in San Diego or with school-aged children within private schools in Switzerland, one principle remained universal – kids learn best when they are having fun.

A personal note from Brooke & Syndy

“Funny Directions” was an exciting project.  We thoroughly enjoyed tying in elements of language development into an interactive game containing hilarious characters, silly sound effects and plenty of surprises.  We hope you enjoy watching your children develop their language and attention abilities while they laugh….and don't be surprised if you burst out laughing a few times as well!  More than anything though, whether it is from playing Speecharoo Apps or through other activities, we hope that your child will continue to learn while having fun.